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White Water Doves

White Dove Releases for any occasion

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We're flying farther and farther with each passing month.

Service Details:

Our Birds

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Service Area

White Water Doves currently has birds trained for towns 30-60 miles from Epworth in northeast Iowa. If your event is located outside this area, please call or e-mail to see if we can get birds trained to your area in time for your event.

Returning Home

Our birds must be released from your event with enough time to return home before dark. They need about 2 minutes for each mile they fly to Epworth. So a release in Dubuque, 15 miles away, needs to be done at least 30 minutes before sunset. A release in Galena, IL, 25 miles away, needs at least 50 minutes.

Visit the Sunset calculator web site to calculate sunset on the evening of your event.

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