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White Water Doves

White Doves in flight: an extraordinary sight

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A white dove release turns an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience.

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Our Birds

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The Breed

Our birds are actually white homers of the species Columba livia. The white form of this species has been called a dove for centuries. The given name, Rock Dove, was their official bird name until a few years ago, when ornithologists decided to change their name to Rock Pigeon. Do they realize the kink they threw to folks doing white dove releases?

Our white dove release birds are white but they are not a complete albino. Our birds have either a colored or a dark eye and have vision far superior to our own.

The ancestors of our birds were selected and bred for their ability to return home from long distances.

Home Life

The birds seem to enjoy being home with the flock and their mates. A lot of cooing and wooing occurs between the pair. I love hearing those noises when I enter their loft on a cold winter morning.


Doves and pigeons mate for life. That is an important reason why they are a cherished symbol of love and fidelity. While they are looking for a partner, the males strut their stuff in front of the object of their affection. The birds also appear to kiss their mates and very gently stroke each other's head.

It was once believed that doves choose their mates on Valentine's Day-- another reason why "love-doves" have traditionally been associated with Valentine's Day.

Equal partners and devoted parents

  • Both parents bring straw, walnut leaf-twigs called petioles, pine needles or other local materials to build a very thin nest on a flat ledge.
  • Both parents incubate the eggs: mom at night, dad for half of the day.
  • Both parents feed the newborns 'pigeon milk' a liquid made in the parents throats.
  • Both parents feed the youngsters.

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