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White Water Doves

White Doves in flight- an extraordinary sight

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In an ancient tradition, a groom would give his bride a dove as a symbol of his devotion and a promise of his fidelity.

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Symbolic Beauty of a White Dove Release

releasing two doves


For centuries, white doves have symbolized many things we cherish in a marriage: fidelity, fertility, devotion to family, a longing for home, and hope for the future.

Some folks believe that if you see a dove on your wedding day, a happy home is assured.

A white dove release adds a beautiful touch of symbolism to the biggest ceremony of your life.

A Sensory Pleasure

Our snow-white birds take off with a rush and a whirl of wings. The sights and sounds of a flock of white doves rising and circling overhead will captivate your audience- children and adults alike, creating memories for all to cherish. Neither rice nor butterflies can match the impact that a white dove release creates.


White Water Doves  will supply and decorate any baskets, cages, and tables necessary for your release. We will craft the release to maximize photo opportunities and create a memorable experience.


« Bridal Pair » Two doves released in a single basket to represent the unity of the bride and groom and the start of their life journey as husband and wife.

« Celebration Doves »  Ten additional doves are released to join the bridal pair circling overhead. This symbolizes the family and friends support for the newlyweds. Choices are grand for this option. Doves can be released by the bridal party, parents, grandparents, children, friends, or simply a large basket filled with a flock of white doves.

« Truly Spectacular Doves » 20 additional doves are released to join the bridal pair circling overhead.  We will work with you to set up the releases to add a spectacular spectacle to your ceremony.

«Wishing Tree Package » In place of a guest book a Willow Wishing Tree will be provided for guests to sign dove shaped cards giving you their wishes and advice for a wonderful life.  Also included is the rental display cage shown here to compliment the wishing tree and table.

White, ornate iron display chapel



Please contact us at White Water Doves for information on our rates.

Serving Dubuque, IA and surrounding areas

Our birds are available for events up to 60 miles from their loft in Epworth, Iowa. If your event is located more than 60 miles from Epworth, please call to see if we can get birds trained to your area in time for your event.

White dove releases located greater than 30 miles from Epworth necessitate additional road trips for the birds along with additional dangers associated with the extra training.  This results in a $1.25/mile travel fee based on the distance from Epworth, Iowa.

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